In May, I wrote about a study that found people were more attracted to the left side of a person’s face regardless of gender. The researchers believe this is due to the left side being more expressive than the right side.

Now, a new study is out revealing that scientist’s faculty photos are more likely to be right-facing, presenting a more rational side compared to their left-facing arts and humanities colleagues. The researchers looked at 5829 academic homepages and found that scientists, engineers and mathematicians were more likely to be right-facing in their photos, while the arts and humanities faculty were more likely to be left-facing.  Interestingly, psychologists were the trickiest to categorize as they tended to show no preference for either left or right-facing. They probably know a bit more about maintaining a neutral expression than their colleagues, who are not studying human emotion.  ScienceNOW has a great write up you can read!