Day one of ScienceOnline 2012 and what have I learned?

I learned that Bora Zlvkovic is a hugger. Hug him. He wants you to.

Keynote speaker, Mireya Mayor has a most envied job she does with great gusto and grace, and with 4 kids in tow!

David Dobbs and Maryn Mckenna suggested excellent online programs to help organize your research and turn all of it into a book without ripping your hair out in the process:

I learned about the Darwin Correspondence Project, which has the full text of over 7,000 of Darwin’s letters.
I learned that Wellcome Digital Library  is developing a grand-scale digital resource for the history of medicine. Their efforts kick off with ‘Modern Genetics and its Foundations’ this year.

In a joint session by Scicurious and Kate Clancy, I learned that Scicurious has a great stage voice and does not need a microphone. Further, she got a room full of science bloggers to yell out *penis.* I was forced to write (seriously, because Kate said she would call on people who weren’t writing!) about the risks I take in my writing and blogging. I learned a lot about my writing and that of the other bloggers. Very eye opening and a good question to ask yourself, writer or not.

It was a great first day and I’m exhausted, but refuse to go to bed and miss out on open mic night at Napper Tandy’s where featured acts are: “My Pee Story,” “Songs in the Key of #DrunkSci” and “I’m Sapiosexy and I Know it.”

Pete Seeger would be proud…